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Taba-J : pieds dans le sable

Les « tabagies », boutiques populaires, font partie du folklore mauricien.


Dodo Flip Flops

Reddish-pink and blue-mauve, at home, on the beach, at the market or in church the dodo flip-flops ornate the feet of the majority of Mauritians!


Evan Sohun: one drawing to say it all!

Here in Mauritius, inspiration is all around: people, nature, music, the beat of the ‘ravanne’ ...


Gunner’s Quoin (or Coin de Mire)

Half way through we are met by a shoal of dolphins, swimming jumping playing around and having fun.


Mon Choisy beach

On week-ends, many Mauritian families come to Mon Choisy beach, a sought-after place.


the must-see places explore Mauritius


Belle Mare

Belle mare, stretching for several kilometers is one of the most beautiful beaches around the island and still reasonably wild.


La Citadelle

Fort Adelaide, also known as “La Citadelle”, and was built to fulfilled the purpose of guarding the harbor against…


Signal Hill

From the top of Signal Hill, in old days, the authorities used to control the arrival and departure of the vessels…


local portraits meet the Mauritians

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Here is Nino!

(FR) Nino est italien. Il a parcouru le monde à la recherche de nouvelles recettes, de saveurs inconnues et d'inspiration...


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